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Hungry Howies Pizza – Flavored Crusts

by Mikey

So Brian came by the house the other night to hang with my boy and I and we decided to take on pizza number 2.  We are not only going to various pizza joints around the county and beyond, but we are also going to have pizzas delivered, in order to give you guys a good idea of where the best pizza can be found.  As we mentioned in our first article on pizza, B. and I will both score the pizza individually and then add our scores to give the pizza a grand total. Then the pizza will be placed on our pizza chart where you will be able to see where it compares to the rest of the pizzas we have sampled thus far.

Remember the 5 points of pizza scoring: crust, sauce, toppings, cheese, and overall. On to Hungry Howie’s… Continue reading


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Your Introduction to PMS

Here at EatMeCalifornia we’ve decided that one man is not enough to truly judge a pizza.  Therefore, Mikey and I will be tag-teaming pizza joints all over the state to give you the best, and worst, pizza that California can dish up.  We’ll take on all challengers, thick crust or thin, deep dish or New York.  Bring on your cheesy, greasy, saucy, worst.  We’ll eat it, rate it, purge it, clean it up and do it all over again.

First up is a little family-owned spot next to Ventura College, called Santino’s.  Before we get into our review, we have to talk a little bit about Continue reading


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