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JD’s Does BBQ and Breakfast too

by Mikey

This is an EatmeCalifornia first.  B and I went back to a place we already reviewed to try out their breakfast.  Many of the places we’ve been to have been places that do both breakfast and dinner, but because JD’s BBQ was good, and had a very old school, just like your grandparents used to make, kinda thing goin’ on we thought their breakfast would be something good to try.  After all, how many other places do grits like they are supposed to be done?

JD’s BBQ – In Oxnard at Patterson and Wooley

JD’s only does breakfast on the weekends.  So if you wanna try it out, don’t show up in the middle of the week or you’ll be waitin’ awhile.  Check out our review of JD’s to get a feel for the place. I’m just going to go over our breakfast.

They have a very simple breakfast menu.  There are waffles, a large country breakfast, the breakfast burrito and a few others. Brian went with the chicken and waffles, which for anyone who lives around Ventura, it gives us a chance to get chicken and waffles without having to drive so far south.  I went with the big country breakfast because where I come from you go big or you go slightly smaller and then people make fun of you. “Look at the big guy with the cute little breakfast.  He’s pretending he’s not huge”. Continue reading

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Fluffy Eggs at the 126 Café

by Mikey

I went for breakfast, this morning, to a place a couple of neighbors had told me about.  It’s a little, and I mean little, diner right off the 126 hwy called the 126 Café.  They said it had a lot of history and had been around for something like 40 years and that they had one of the best breakfasts in town. Continue reading


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