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Kyoto not just a place in Japan

by Mikey

First off I apologize to everyone for not getting this up yesterday.  The Angels and some computer issues were to blame.  If it helps, I will have Brian write you an essay on why “Hella” is his favorite word.  On to the review….

I always wonder where Sushi places get their name.  It’s easy when it’s “I Love Sushi”, “Sushi Planet”, or when they use the name of the chef or owner. Me, I would call mine Mikey’s House O’ Fishies.

Kyoto is a place in Japan and one of its largest cities.  It is also a huge cultural and spiritual center in Japan.  Who said you never learn anything on this site? Naturally, you figure any place named after such a wonderful city should have a great spice rack and a good mix of traditional and modern flavors.  Hop on my magic school bus and we’ll check it out.

Can you see me I'm the one waving with the hat on?

Can you see me I'm the one waving with the hat on?


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