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Deadliest Catch – Bitter Tears

by Mikey

It’s nearing the end of opi season on the Bering Sea and most of the fleet are down to their last few strings before quotas are met and checks can be cashed.  The ice flow is on the move and ready to start eating some gear as the ships race from string to string in hopes of finding their gear where they last left it.  F all those logging shows and watching truckers drive on ice, this is where it’s at.

On a side note, this logging thing is getting a bit crazy.  We have regular loggers, swamp loggers, and now ice loggers.  All of these shows try to capture the greatness that is “the catch” and fall way short.  I tried sitting through a couple of these things and I really feel like I’d rather watch two homeless guys fight over a diaper filled with cheetos.  Not to mention, I still don’t understand the whole ice road trucker thing.  We watch a dude drive his truck over the ice and wait to see what happens?  It’s a lot like watching your little brother sitting with a fork next to a light socket.  You are getting bored watching and you kinda want him to just put it in the socket already.  Anyways, on to the catch! Continue reading

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