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Deadliest Catch – Shipwrecked

by Mikey

It’s the Season Finale. Yes, boys and girls, this is it!

We’ve reached the end of opi season and almost everyone has come in safely. A few boats remain out on the Bering and one still has a quota to meet.  A huge arctic storm is on top of them and the coast guard has just called out pon-pon-pon which is notification of an emergency, but one that is not as severe as a mayday.  A ship sinking is a mayday; a ship stuck on the beach is a pon-pon-pon.  In this case, a ship is stuck on the rocks and a coast guard copter is on its way.


It’s 24 hours before the final off-load and a cod fishing vessel is stuck up on the rocks.  The coast guard is communicating successfully with the ship and attempts to lower the rescue basket.  The winds go from 70 knots to 120 and the turbulence is just too great to get the crew off from the ship.


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