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When your local café has given up on life

by Mikey

I wrote not too long ago about how to tell if a sushi restaurant is in trouble.  This article is a bit different because it is more about eating at joint that has just completely given up on life.  I usually eat at a place and it doesn’t get posted for a day or two.  I had to get this place up as soon as possible to save your stomachs, your taste buds, and your soul.

DW Café – Ventura at the intersection of Victoria and Moon

Yep you can get your bail bond while you eat.

Yep you can get your bail bond while you eat.











From the outside this place looks like your typical country kitchen kind of place.  In fact, I think a few years ago that’s what it was.  Now it’s a café that’s open from early morning to mid afternoon.  I was out and about on a few errands and thought I’d try it out for breakfast.  Damn me and my curiosity. Continue reading


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