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Deadliest Catch – Multiple Maydays

by Mikey

The opi season is coming to a close, but mama nature still has one more storm left in her.  The boats struggle to get their quotas done and get into Dutch Harbor before the storm hits.  The prediction is 40ft seas, 70 knot winds, freezing spray and its all just 72 hours away……

Multiple Maydays

We join the Time Bandit on the crab and coasting to an early end to their opi season. Captain Andy and Captain Jonathan are still wondering who to let go as they have one more deckhand then they need. The fingers are pointing at lazy Russell “the sauna guy” and Mike, the newest arrival, but frequent deckhand.  My money was on Russell, who spends more time in the sauna then he does on deck.  That was until Captain Andy tells the deckhands to close the aft tank and check the mid tank.  The order goes out to the deck but nobody responds.  Kinda like when you were younger and your mom told you to take out the trash or get your little brother out of the dryer.  Of course you heard the order in the back of your head, but you’ve never seen the entire hot for teacher video and that’s pretty important too.










Captain Andy yells to the crew a few times and then finally Captain Jonathan goes down and really yells at them.  When the captain gives you an order you take care of business, or money is lost and people get hurt.  Deckhand Mike makes the mistake of arguing that he didn’t hear or couldn’t understand and just takes it a little too far, as Captain Jonathan threatens to fire him if he doesn’t close his yapper.  So now it’s a toss up who’s going to leave. Continue reading

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