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8 oz. of Guilt

by Brian

8oz. Burger Bar – West Hollywood (near Melrose and Fairfax)

So… I’ve been trying to eat healthy lately, but that all went out the window Friday night.  I went out to this little restaurant that was formerly known as Table 8.  The head chef decided to turn the concept of a fine dining restaurant into a boutique burger bar (whatever that means).  Anyway, for those of you who know me, I love me some burgers.  And since I’ve tried going vegan, I’ve consistantly shown my willingness to break down and eat the bad stuff at least once a week.  (See my first post here)

The way I was manipulated this time was through the power of  Where Magazine which was magically sitting on my desk, folded to the page which contained a write-up on 8oz.  Because I really have no hope of being 100% vegan, I have decided that for the good of the blog that I will allow myself to cheat only if I write a post about it.  That means, no midnight Jack-in-the-Box runs, or casual flings with the Vons cake section.  I won’t bore you with all the details of all the healthy stuff I eat, because who wants to read that?

So I strolled into 8oz at about 11:30pm, knowing that the kitchen was closing at midnight.  Continue reading


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