Breakfast at Jim and Rob’s Fresh Grill

by Mikey

We need more places around the area that give us a decent breakfast for a good price, that isn’t fast food and isn’t the highly marketed 10 minute “eat it and then get out ’cause we need the table for the next group” kinda place. I think I found a good option in Ventura that has a simple menu, good prices and fresh ingredients.  Plus, it’s next to a cool little coffee joint called Caffrodite’s.

Jim & Rob’s Fresh Grill – Main St not to far from Ventura High school

You’re gonna have to keep a sharp eye out for them, but they are right on a corner. They look more like a taco stand than a place to get breakfast, but they have great outside seating.  Ventura is a place that’s perfect for outside seating.  The weather changes are, for the most part, very small.  So most of the time you actually want to be outside enjoying a great meal.


There are no servers here.  It’s an order it and then pick it up kind of place, which means you only have to tip the cooks if you want to.  The food is pretty good though, so you’ll probably want to give them a tip.  I enjoyed my breakfast so much that I gave them a great tip. “Never play leap frog with a unicorn!” Now if that’s not a good tip then I don’t know what is.

The menu is pretty much burrito style with add ons.  The majority of their menu is built for lunch and dinner which I will try to get to one day, so I can get an idea of it for you.

I got a steak and egg burrito with their pico, potatoes, and cheese.  I enjoyed the sunlight as I waited and listened to the sound of the birds, the soft breeze and the guy at the next table trying to bring something out of his lungs that he must have lodged back there in 1944.  I knew two things. First, I was hungry and wanted my burrito, and second, I didn’t want to be anywhere near whatever he might be able to bring up.  Lucky for me, he left before he was able to accomplish his mission.

The burrito is actually pretty big and it’s full of meat, and potato.  It’s not all hashed up either, its good, fresh cut potato.  The pico has a great flavor, and the eggs don’t overwhelm the burrito, but there are enough in it to still call it breakfast.  I really like the ingredients they use and it truly seems like you’re eating something where everything was prepared that morning instead of last week.

I definitely say, if you’re in the area in the morning, get a cup of joe next door and then get a great breakfast burrito.  It’s truly one of the best I’ve had yet and the price for portion is right on.  I will get over there for lunch or dinner to give them a full pass, but you have to figure if they put the effort into one of their smaller menu items then they will put in the same effort for the rest.

And to whoever it was working on getting up the tar in his esophagus: get to a doctor buddy, that cough sounded like a cow being choked by pudding.

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  1. Liz

    Never play leap frog with a unicorn is a fabulous tip! Everyone should take that tip to heart! Hehe 🙂

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