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My Deli-cate Stomach

by Brian

So I went to Brent’s Deli in Westlake Village this morning, hoping to ease my way off the vegan bandwagon.  I was in the mood for an omelette, and since I’ve been to Brent’s quite a few times over the years, I figured it was as good a choice as any.  As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong. Continue reading


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Soul in a Bowl

by Brian

So yesterday I had the great honor of having dinner with my new buddy, Jack.  He tipped me off about Chili My Soul in Encino, and since nobody else was brave enough to go with me, he offered.

My first thoughts of the place were pretty random.  Like, why the hell is this place in a strip mall next to Smart and Final?  We were the only customers in the place at the time (7pm on a Thursday) but I was comforted by the fact that Issues of Bon Appetit magazine were flipped open to the positive reviews of the place. Continue reading


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Follow your stomach to Follow Your Heart

by Brian

At the urging of several friends, I ventured into the San Fernando Valley this afternoon to tackle health food from one of the original restaurants in the genre.  This is the place that invented veganaise, which as you can imagine is the vegan equivalent of mayo.  I don’t like mayo, and I don’t eat mayo, but I respect the fact that these peeps are breaking barriers.

Anyway, it was a bit of a trek, but since this week is weight reduction awareness week (see how I keep changing names) without further ado, I give you Follow Your Heart.

Follow Your Heart Cafe

Follow Your Heart Cafe

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My Date at Natural Cafe.

by Brian

Sorry Mikey, I would have loved to eat greasy tacos with ya, but I had a hot date. Continue reading

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